Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease is a process where the gradual loss of kidney function leads to an increase in the amount of metabolic waste and the dsyregulation of fluid status. At later stages, the amount of toxins and fluid that can buildup are potentially life threatening. This condition can only be repaired with “renal replacement therapy,” a process that bypasses the failing kidneys and helps remove these accumulated toxins.

National Kidney Foundation

Modern World

Based on this population / disease trajectory, the need for access to kidney disease healthcare systems will be necessary throughout Central America and South America. As innovation continues to accelerate at a rapid pace and our need to take care of more patients arises, our communities will not only need healthcare systems but ones that are able to rapidly pivot based on innovation, technologies, and medical research.


Why Azuris Dialysis

We are an innovative company that is modernizing healthcare. Our consortium of service lines is changing the landscape of healthcare. Our facilities are customized for unique patient experiences ranging from sports themes to high-end spa-like environments. People are unique, so why shouldn’t their healthcare be? We promote use of advanced technology in our business practices, implement stellar quality practices, and treat our patients with a customized approach. We leverage modern technology and business processes for the de novo creation and management of dialysis facilities, mobile and home dialysis programs, vascular access centers, patient transportation, and healthcare staff education and training systems.

Our Service

We provide services for multiple long-term acute care facilities and acute care hospitals throughout Texas, outpatient hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis organizations, and dialysis vascular access centers. We have demonstrated an excellent clinical and managerial track record.

Partnership Vision

We wish to partner with like-minded organizations to establish kidney disease services specifically for all in-patient and outpatient clientele. After careful clinical and cultural assessment of a facility, region, and demographic area – we will customize a facility specific solution designed to satisfy the client’s organizational vision.

Service Capacity

We maintain the ability to meet the demand of a wide scope of organizations while delivering exceptional care. Due to our clinical and financial / managerial models, we are capable of scaling services in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner.

Facility Development

Our Commitment To Our Clients

We create and develop dialysis services for multiple long-term acute care facilities and acute care hospitals, outpatient hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis organizations, and dialysis vascular access centers.


After careful clinical and cultural assessment of a facility, region, and demographic area – we will customize a facility specific solution designed to satisfy the client’s organizational vision.


We will partner with members of the community and other healthcare providers to create a dialysis program with the highest clinical standards and best patient experience.


Our custom-created dialysis program will be created in conjunction with experts in various fields including medicine & nephrology, dialysis nursing, IT / cybersecurity, and media.


The dialysis program will be continuously monitored and managed to include cost effective and evidence based medicine as well as ongoing quality enhancements.

Management Services

Our leadership team is made up of highly qualified healthcare leaders. Our team is proven to provide operational improvement solutions. We provide quality, regulatory and accreditation support, access to proven cost containment solutions, and access to subject matter experts.

Project Development

We will implement a program that exceeds regulatory requirements and develop an accountability system to ensure ongoing compliance. We have custom real-time auditing systems in place allowing us to view organizational trends across the spectrum of healthcare services. Our customized IT systems are capable of real-time detection of potential quality issues and clinical error. Therefore, we work to prevent compliance problems from accumulating with these accountability solutions.


We administer background checks and competency exams on all staff including nurses, biomedical technicians, and patient care technicians. Furthermore, an annual skills checklist is completed on all staff members. Azuris Dialysis will administer training and competency examinations on patient health information privacy and HIPAA / HITECH regulations on an annual basis and as needed. We will provide all human resources information via secure electronic portal and on- demand.

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Quality Controls

We ensure Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) by utilizing thePlan Do Check Act (PCDA) cycle to address areas of regulatory compliance issues as well as clinical opportunities for improvement. Throughout the year, our interdisciplinary team identifies, assesses, and reviews targeted areas such as water quality, medication errors, appropriate fluid removal, site access, treatment delays, and equipment maintenance.

Using evidence-based practice, findings are shared with the team and incorporated into company policies accordingly. Additionally, Root CauseAnalysis methodology is in place and employed as needed.

Modern Solutions

All our systems utilize state-of-the art IT systems to ensure there is no data loss and that all data is transmitted securely. We place a tremendous amount of value on patient health information and client data privacy. Furthermore, our systems help us respond rapidly to changes in the environment, client need, and the delivery of quality care. Only technological changes can help medical staff keep up with the rapidly changing clinical arena, and we are focused on continuing to evolve and improve all our systems.



Who We Are

Azuris Dialysis is dedicated to creating an authentic patient experience and delivering a modern product consistently to our healthcare partners. We will continue to evolve and help differentiate ourselves from the competition because we truly believe that no project is ever “completed” – we can always do better.

We Are PhysiciansWe Are NursesWe Are IT SpecialistsWe Are Media Specialists

We have leveraged new technologies to provide the best care possible for our patients and strive to provide the best “patient experience.” Our healthcare model and managerial infrastructure lives in the 21st century and continuously evolves.

Our consortium has had years of success in chronic kidney disease related ventures. Not only have we successfully created a variety of dialysis companies that encompass the total scope of dialysis service, but we have done so while adhering to the strictest of quality standards. We have tremendous experience in chronic disease models, specializing in kidney disease management, dialysis, transplantation, and vascular access.


Focus On Patient Experience

Our dialysis service lines are very comprehensive and have a track record of delivering exceptional care. We know that “one size does NOT fit all” – and we value thorough cultural and community assessments to create the best healthcare delivery model.


We provide total dialysis solutions for hospitals and in-patient facilities.

We partner with inpatient hospital systems and work closely with all staff including nursing supervisors, quality managers, and hospital executives. We communicate all quality data routinely. By utilizing a custom- developed electronic medical record keeping system, we can ensure complete and accurate records along with company overview of clinical parameters in real time.


Our dialysis facilities & staff focus on integrative patient management.

All our locations are new ultra-modern, technologically advanced, outpatient dialysis facilities. Unlike any other dialysis facility, our dialysis facilities are aimed at modernizing the dialysis experience. All our facilities are state-of-the-art, modern dialysis units provide the ultimate in personalized service and patient comfort.


Home dialysis allows for greater patient treatment flexibility.

We believe, and data has indicated, that outpatient peritoneal dialysis is underutilized. By providing freedom to the patients and allowing them to participate in their own care and treatments, the patients have an improved overall experience with dialysis.


We provide comprehensive vascular access services on an outpatient basis.

Vascular access diagnostic and interventional services can be provided as an outpatient – same day – allowing the patient to return for their dialysis treatment and to the comfort of their own homes. Some of these treatments include: AV angiograms, AV angioplasties, thrombectomies, and the insertion and removal of dialysis catheters.

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